Currently employed as Senior Engineer for L'Oreal. Responsible for all development for Pureology hair care and hair styling products.

Gained BFA in Industrial Design and from the University of Michigan while also obtaining a background in Mechanical Engineering. Previously employed as Packaging Engineer for Coty, LLC fragrance house. Brand concept engineering development responsibilities included Nautica, Beyonce, Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wang. Also employed as Design Associate and Director of Operations at Shaun Jackson Design/Higher Ground. Participation in EPA Grant Number SU831868, “AWARE: Facilitating Informed Consumer Purchasing Decisions through Point-of-Sale Access to Product Sustainability Information.”

Student design work is/was featured in University of Michigan A&D brochure 2007, Time magazine 2006, Shei magazine 2005, Washington DC EPA Aware Exhibition 2005, Work gallery 2005, 2003, Mars Lounge 2004, CPOP Gallery 2003, Slusser Gallery 2003, Fashion for Food 2000. Also has received formal training in the following applications: Solidworks (CAD, certified through Cimquest), Rhinoceros (CAD), Final Cut Pro, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, C++, Code Warrior, Maple, Matlab, Oracle and Unigraphics (CAD).